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Regulations in their current form can require tobacco corporations to alter certain discrete behaviours, but they do not weaken or alter the profit seeking drive that compels corporations to find new ways to expand cigarette sales.We suggest that the tobacco problem lies not only in the nature of the product and the activities of those who sell it.

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Only in the past century did corporations gain the rights and characteristics (including mobility, limited liability, perpetual existence, and the ability to own other corporations) that allowed them to become the dominant social institution of our time.

The corporation has changed, and continues to change through the ad hoc decisions of legislatures, investors, and courts.

Ordering tobacco companies to change the way they behave may not be as effective as reprogramming tobacco companies to change the way they think. If we anthropomorphise corporations, then we imbue them with qualities they do not have (like compassion, remorse, or joy) and will expect them to include moral or emotional considerations into their decisions and actions. The people who work in or hold shares in a corporation have human qualities, but the corporation itself does not, any more than a ship has the feelings of those who built, own or sail upon her.

A more accurate metaphor for a corporation is a machine, a computer program, or a car.

The primary intent of these measures is to modify the mindset and behaviour of smokers or potential smokers, which is why they are considered to be “demand-side” interventions.

Although “supply-side” interventions are commonplace in other public health strategies (for example, the control of drugs with harm potential such as marijuana, oxycodone, or penicillin), they have not generally found favour with those public health authorities seeking to reduce tobacco use.

Cars cannot feel sorry for the people they hurt, and neither can corporations.

The corporation is a legal instrument created for the sole purpose of facilitating trade, and it is programmed to do one thing exclusively—make money.

It also lies in the political choice to allow business corporations to supply cigarettes.

Greater advances against tobacco caused disease and death can be made if we choose different types of enterprises to provide tobacco, and ensure they have a public health mandate.

The elimination of profit driven behaviour from the supply of tobacco would enhance the ability of public health authorities to reduce tobacco use.

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