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[Back to Top] 1.1.4 When was Company of Heroes released?

(4 comments) The game was released on September 11, 2006 for North American audiences. [Back to Top] [Source: Planet Company of Heroes Co H Release Countdown] 1.1.5 Where can I find the game’s official website?

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(0 comments) Company of Heroes is being developed by Relic Entertainment, and published by THQ Inc.

Relic is well known for their work on RTS games, including Homeworld, Homeworld 2, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

(0 comments) The official Company of Heroes site is located here.

[Back to Top] 1.1.6 What is Company of Heroes rated?

[Back to Top] [Source: IGN news piece.] 1.1.8 What does the Collector's Edition contain? If for some reason you have not registered your CD-key with a Relic Online account, THQ will not be able to recover it, and you may be forced to purchase another key for a small fee. From there, use the Add Product option in the in-game log in screen and add your Company of Heroes CD-key to fully unlock all Company of Heroes content.

(2 comments) In addition to recieving the game on DVD, you also get the following goodies: "Collector's Edition includes an exclusive D-Day map detailing the Able Company's battles across France, a paratrooper's survival guide, authentic vehicle identification quiz cards and a behind-the-scenes interactive DVD, all in a steelbook case" [Back to Top] 1.1.9 Will there be a follow-up? [Back to Top] 1.1.12 I have both Company of Heroes and Opposing Fronts. [Back to Top] 1.2 Gameplay 1.2.1 What factions are in the game?

Bonjour, Je joue à COH depuis le mois de Novembre dernier.

Aucun problème n'a eu lieu, mais maintenant lorsque je lance mon jeu tout se passe correctement jusqu'au moment ou je choisi le mode multijoueur ou escarmouche.

ne les laissons pas croire que c'est un petit bug qui n'atteint que quelques cas (clients! Si quelque chose persiste ceci viens de votre odri car relic à résolu son problème réseau @ sur COH Merci du soutien COMMANDOsarulock125 J'ai fait la 2 ème solution (car la 1ère ne marchait pas) et maintenant quand je demarre le jeu y mette : Validation du support.

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