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18 Texts cost 50p per message and 15p for every profile received. 35p to receive photo messages (sent in bundles of 3).

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But what if you’re a semi-geek, or a geek in waiting, a wannabe geek?

what if you want to watch the live show but this sounds too hard?

Chad is simply delightful and I had a fabulous time with him.

Be sure to go over to the shownotes to see the screenshot I captured of Chad.

Steve and I have a You Tube channel for the Nosilla Cast. A few months ago Google decided that every You Tube channel had to be associated with a “page” on G . So I created a page called Podfeet, and tossed my podfeet logo onto it.

This is where he posts all of the video interviews and the video montages he does for shows like Macworld. This is where I post all of my content in G and It’s the profile that’s associated with our Nosilla Cast G community. If I’d understood the ramifications, I would have said to connect it to Allison Sheridan. Pretty quickly I realized that I didn’t really think I did that right but I buried my head in the sand and ran away.

18 Texts cost 50p per message and 15p for every profile received.

Chat on the go with 100's of other single men and women.

Well a while ago Donald Burr gave me a bit of code to embed over on that was supposed to give us a little login screen where people could join the live chat to have some fun.

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