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But when each of the girls had been presented to the register they had been declined. The eight of them found that hard to believe, but it didn't take long for them to learn that there was a big hushed up fiasco about it.The Vice Principle, who was in charge of the dance had been withholding tickets to certain girls and only giving them out for certain favors.They parents flustered over their kids, especially the mothers, which the girls found a little awkward as their dads gave them hungry looks from afar.

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The lace just covered her nipples but left her entire cleavage, side, and under-boob showing.

A thin strap of lace went down the middle of her stomach to cover up her the top few inches of her lower half. Rachel was wearing a loose fitted backless blue dress that covered one arm and left the other bare.

Rachel had her hair flowing down in waves Elizabeth's was probably the skimpiest.

It was shaped almost like a two-piece, with a thinning triangle attaching the top to the bottom from the front. Her ass was hanging out even more than Rachel's, and the front top was a tight fit that raised and squeezed her tits while exposing her cleavage.

And while his wife was at work he fucked Lauren on his bed. The Vice Principle promised he'd let them in as they passed.

The girls assured their dates they'd be able to get in, without telling them what they had to do.

He brought Elizabeth to his home where he fucked her for three hours in his basement.

He shared Rachel with several of the faculty in his office.

But to her luck it wasn't a problem, and she was able to get it just right. "You look beautiful baby." Sarah shivered as his slow strokes picked up with speed and power.

He fucked her harder and harder until her building groans grew to moans and soon screams.

For prom Riley's dad was letting them have a party before and after the dance. Elizabeth didn't like that she was basically getting bought off.

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