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In The Body Language of Dating, Tonya Reiman tackles the question of whether human attraction and seduction have changed over millions of years, drawing lines of flirting symmetry that span millennia, cultures, species, and continents.There are pictures and it ranges from expressions that you make, to your posture, to where your feet are pointing to and some other minute actions that you're not even really conscious that you're doing.

Smiling is, to a degree, a sign of attraction but it's also something you can put on. "The other thing we like to do is shut the distance between us. It's quite odd because it looks like you are pushing someone away but in fact you are drawing them towards you." Other indicators to look out for are stroking the rim of a glass, playing with a necklace, looking at you then looking away before she fixes her gaze back on you.

I'd have thought those were symptoms of nervousness.

You need to time it perfectly." My coach says a man's body language only really differs when he is lying or finds a woman attractive. But, if you are so simple that you are incapable of even that, then fear not.

It is, says Hemmings, possible to practise and rehearse the correct body language. If you find a man doing the following don't be perturbed, it's probably because he likes you.

It was encouraging, disheartening and baffling all at once. This makes men easier to understand, putting us at an immediate disadvantage. According to my coach, Jo Hemmings, females are better at picking up and understanding signals. When they're on a date, they only have to decipher a few signals.

Men, Hemmings tells me, struggle to appreciate what different gestures mean.

"A clear sign is what is known as the flirting triangle.

It's looking to each eye, down to her mouth and then back up to her eyes to reconnect." Yes, I'm pretty sure I've done that.

But, surely we get confused because when we are out with a girl we have to unravel the meaning of dozens of signals. Apparently, males' interpretations are based more on what they hear than what they see. "Yes, it's a subconscious way to show you the soft, gentle, tender woman that she is.

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