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After its brief run on FOX TV, TIGA is now getting the purist's treatment in the form of a subtitled DVD release.One of the important supporting products for this new re-launch is the ULTRAMAN TIGA comic from Dark Horse Comics.JB: Before we got started, I spoke to everyone involved about this, a decision was made to 'adapt' the scripts rather than translate them outright, which I think has worked out really well. Wong is a great storyteller, and I wanted to make sure that his vision remained intact, but at the same I knew that some of the Asian euphemisms and writing styles might not immediately cross over to Western readers.

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One day I was on the phone with a woman named Patsy Zukav, talking about something completely unrelated, when she suggested I take a look at the Chinese Ultraman Tiga comics and see if it was possible to translate them and bring them over. (I know you touch on this in the first issue of the comic, but maybe you could elaborate).

Now, I was a huge Ultraman fan as a kid, but, surprisingly, had never once thought to marry that with what I was doing now. The next day, before I'd even said anything to anyone here about it, someone from our Licensing Division came to me and asked if I'd be interested in Jade Dynasty's ULTRAMAN TIGA series -- the same series that Patsy was talking about! After a few months of negotiations with Jade Dynasty, Tsuburaya, and 4Kids, we were ready to roll. O: Did Dark Horse approach 4Kids or Tsuburaya about a comic or was it the other way around? JB: Yeah, even though I grew up in a small, rural town, I was fortunate to have a cable television channel that broadcast all of those great Japanese shows.

BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE followed in 1960, then Columbia co-financed the creation of Toho's 1961 classic MOTHRA.

In the 1990s Sony and Toho signed a deal to create an American version of GODZILLA, which was released by the Sony subsidiary Tri Star in 1998.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has acquired North American rights to GODZILLA X MECHAGODZILLA (aka Gx MG), the 26th movie in Toho Studios' Godzilla series.

Directed by Masaaki Tezuka, the film chronicles the battle between Godzilla and Kiryu, the latest incarnation of his robotic doppelganger.

In recent years Sony handled the US release of the animated hit METROPOLIS and the scifi action film RETURNER.

The Toho Godzilla appeared on the big screen for the first time in 15 years when Tri Star released GODZILLA 2000 to theaters across the country.

Tentative plans from Sony call for a US DVD release in the first half of 2004.

GODZILLA X MECHAGODZILLA was first shown in the US by Toho at the American Film Marketplace in Santa Monica, CA.

On top of being an extremely cool guy, he's been my go-to whenever I've had Ultraman-related questions, or needed clarifications on plots, characters, etc.

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