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HMRC recommend that during that interim period you increase your prices by the amount of VAT you would have included on a proper VAT invoice. Then choose Registration Applied For, and put in your expected VAT registration date. When you create your invoices now, Free Agent will add the equivalent amount of VAT to the prices you put in.

So if you would have charged a customer £100 for a service that's standard-rated for VAT, you increase your price by 20% and charge them £120. When your VAT number arrives from HMRC, go back to Settings VAT Registration and change the setting to Registered, and put in your VAT number.

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You will also have to show how you reached the figures for the VAT you are reclaiming.

It is not possible to reclaim VAT on: VAT registration must be cancelled when a business is no longer eligible to be registered.

This can be very beneficial for many new and small businesses.

Please note: ‘Taxable turnover’ is the amount of money a business makes from selling products and services, as opposed to ‘taxable profit’, which is the surplus income left over after all costs and expenses have been deducted from overall income.

As proof of permanent residence overseas, the purchaser must submit his passport or other ID that provides proof of domicile in another country.

Foreigners with permanent residence in Iceland are not entitled to VAT refunds according to the regulation.

HMRC will contact you within approximately 3 weeks to confirm the official date of de-registration. You must keep all VAT records for 6 years from this date.

Businesses normally pay or reclaim VAT based on the difference between the VAT charged on sales and the VAT paid on purchases.

What to do if you have applied to be registered for VAT.

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