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Joe Brooks Scott Harper QSAC Co-Chairs ******************************************************** 11/25/2017 It is with great pleasure that QSAC announces the Sportsman Class Sponsor for the 2018 QSAC National Championship Week.The 2018 Sportsman Class Sponsor is DMS Sonic Racing Chassis.

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QSAC cannot mandate what tracks allow or do not allow except during the QSAC National Championship event at the respective host track.

However, QSAC is asking tracks to allow the use of the G240RC during their weekly racing throughout the 2018 season.

As previously announced on October 24th, 2017, it is acknowledged that the process for formal approval of the G240RC engine has to go through the RRC, and not as originally stated or suggested in the original announcement dated October 18th, 2017.

Given the path that needs to be followed for the approval process as per the By-Laws, please note that the G240RC is not formally approved nor is it legal for use in QSAC sanctioned events at this time.

It is impossible to assume any certain outcome,one way or the other, from the appropriate committees.

In other words, there is no guarantee this engine will be approved, or not approved. Thank you, Joe Brooks QSAC Co-Chair ******************************************************** 10/24/17 Greetings QSAC members and quarter scale racers We just wanted to provide a follow-up to our announcement from this past week regarding the addition of the G240RC engine for the 2018 season.

We took a step back and evaluated the comments and feedback that were received; both good and bad, and determined that we believe it is in the best interest of the racers to gather more data and information regarding the viability of the G240RC engine.

At this time, the only engines legal for the QSAC National Championship in 2018 will be the Zenoah G-23RC/G230RC engines.

We are asking racers that choose to try the G240RC in 2018 to provide feedback regarding performance, and durability.

Feedback can be provided to either one of the Co-Chairs or the National Tech Director.

******************************************************** 10/31/17 Greetings QSAC members, With the recent resignation of Joe De Pinto from his elected position of Co-Chair, I have been tasked with appointing a replacement to fulfill his term.

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