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Eli couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her.

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"Clare, your ass is distracting me," he sighed."Eli!

""Sorry, but it's true," grinned Eli, looking away.

"We're only going to be there for a week.""Never underestimate a girl's wardrobe," said Clare playfully. "Eli nodded, watching Clare as she got into the car, and he dug his hand in his pocket.

The ring was still there and he gulped nervously, ready for the drive ahead.

"Eli," pleaded Adam, picking up his backpack before heading out to work.

"I don't think she-""Do me a favor and leave," snapped Eli.He never grew tired of looking at her, of simply staring; he knew that he was a very lucky man.They had been dating for five years, both of them attending the same college, and Eli was looking forward to graduating."Poor Morty, he feels betrayed.""Well, excuse me, but car was made for long drives," chuckled Clare."So am I, if you know what I mean," winked Eli, and kissed her fiercely."Eli, not in front of your neighbors," said Clare shyly, pushing him away.The sun was starting to burn Eli's skin, and he stole another kiss from Clare before grabbing the last suitcase and putting it in Clare's car."You have a trillion suitcases, Edwards," smirked Eli.He only hoped that Clare's parents would be as thrilled, he knew that they still had some reservations about him.

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