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On the issue of whether respondent Ombudsman committed grave abuse of discretion in dismissing the complaint against respondents, let it be stressed that the Ombudsman has discretion to determine whether a criminal case, given its facts and circumstances, should be filed or not.

Therein, they recommended the dismissal of Rebecca Pacays complaint in I. This Court consistently refrains from interfering with the exercise of its powers, and respects the initiative and independence inherent in the Ombudsman who, beholden to no one, acts as the champion of the people and the preserver of the integrity of public service.

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Montemayor of the Department of Justice (DOJ), recommending the approval of the aforesaid September 18, 1997 Resolution; and, the petitioner, irritated with the delay in the resolution of I. Three days later, or on In the meantime, another criminal complaint, also for violation of R. This other complaint was filed before the Quezon City Prosecutors Office and thereat docketed as I. The allegation that respondent Pascualita Duran-Cereno allowed herself to be a part of the conspiracy when she denied the petitioners partial motion for reconsideration and affirmed the findings in the Joint Resolution of respondents Fadullon and Agcaoili is utterly without basis.

As we see it, nothing on record even minutely suggests that the respondents conspired to insure the indictment of the petitioner.

An archaeologist can determine the age of a pottery fragment by measuring the remaining amount of radioactive elements that it contains.

Using both relative and absolute dating methods, an archaeologist can often place a site within a larger chronological framework.

Petitioner who is herself a judge should understand that respondent Pascualita Duran-Cereno merely performed her duties as a reviewing officer.

The alleged failure to consider the evidence adduced To recapitulate, in the absence, as here, of a clear case of grave abuse of discretion, the Court will not interfere with the discretion of the Ombudsman, who, depending on his finding and considered evaluation of the case, either dismisses a complaint or proceeds with it.Laigo; Assistant Chief State Prosecutor Pascualita Duran-Cereno; Senior State Prosecutor (SSP) Hernani T. The similarities could simply be attributed to the fact that the two resolutions have been lifted from the same set of records.Barrios; and State Prosecutors (SPs) Richard Anthony D. Agcaoili, for alleged violation of Article 171(5)Resolution dated September 18, 1997, issued by Graft Investigation Officer II Roline M. With regard to the charge of falsification against respondents Barrios, Fadullon and Agcaoili, again, we agree with the observations of Graft Investigation Officer II Roline M.CATEGORY: chronology DEFINITION: Latin phrase meaning 'the end after which' -- the date after which a stratum, feature, or artifact must have been deposited.In the Great Yarmouth Archaeological Map, all finds are termini post quem.The 1885 coin in Layer E establishes that Layer E dates from on or after 1885.

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