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Ashley drops out of school and begins homeschooling herself.

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Ricky is angry at both, breaking up with Adrian and refusing to forgive Ben, thus crushing their already-fragile friendship.

In season three, everyone finds out Adrian is pregnant with Ben's baby, except for Amy.

Amy is upset by this and decides to have sex with Ricky instead of going away for the weekend.

In season four, Amy and Ricky begin to get closer when Amy and John begin to move in with Ricky in his apartment, which is above the butcher shop.

The series received generally mixed reviews from mainstream critics when it began broadcasting, but was well received among female and teenage viewers.

The pilot episode broke the record for the highest rated debut on ABC Family with 2.82 million viewers, a record previously held by Kyle XY.Meanwhile, Ashley leaves to go on a road trip with her friend Toby.Grace goes to Didiju and meets a new guy named Daniel who later becomes her boyfriend.Grace refused to get out of the car to attend her father's funeral, so Ricky forces her to.Grace's brother Tom has trouble adjusting when their mother decides to remarry again.Ricky and Ben also compete with each other for Amy's attention and at the end of the season, Amy has her child, a boy whom her sister, Ashley, names John.

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