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If you look really carefully you can even spot the cable car on Lantau Island that takes you to Big Buddha.

Editor’s note: Elina Sundqvist is a journalist intern from Sweden, who recently spent time traveling and working in Sri Lanka.

When travelling from Australia to the UK (or vice versa) one of my favourite airports to transit through is Hong Kong International.

If you already have a boarding pass, follow the signs for ‘transfers’ and join the queue for security checks.

You will need to throw away any unfinished bottles of water and get your electronic goods out of your bag.

Internet There is free and fast wifi all over Hong Kong airport (good enough for me to broadcast my transit live on Periscope! Exhibitions There are a number of fun exhibitions dotted around HKIA.

During my visit there was a “Childhood Memories” exhibition near Gate 31, which had a really interesting collection of retro toys from Hong Kong, and a selection of Bruce Lee memorabilia near Gate 62.

Entry costs $200 HKD (approx £16/ $33 AUD) for a Shower Package or $480 HKD (approx £40/ $80 AUD) for 2 hours lounge use. Shopping To reach the best shops (and Starbucks) in the East Hall from the West Hall you could walk along several moving walkways in a row and enjoy the view, or you could cheat and take the Sky Train found down the escalators.

It’s signposted as a way to reach Gate’s 1 – 20 but is also an easy way to get up and down the terminal.

Take time to shop up a storm in Zara, Jimmy Choo, Mac and M&M’s World.

There are many more designer stores but these are just my personal favourites.

Sri Lanka is by no means a dangerous country to visit as a woman ‒ for that matter, it is not even on the 2015 International Women’s Travel Centre’s list of ‘So if you are reading this list and want to come here, or already have a trip planned – that is awesome!

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with plenty of things to see and do.

(Take the escalators, on your right if facing The Bridge, and head to level 7.) Depending on how much time you have/what you are in need of, you can just pay for a shower suite.

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