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This tradition ties into the "mission" she mentions in her voicemail.She also sounds like she'll be a bit of a recurring character, and may become an ally or antagonist to the heroes where her backstory and connection to the Miraculous mythos can be explored.All of this despite the fact that it's stated that using both in tandem will make the user omnipotent. Simply put, Ladybug and Cat Noir are new to the mantle and thus inexperienced as well as largely untrained, meaning that they currently lack the capacity to use their power to its full potential.

Decorating the chest owned by Master Fu for holding Miraculouses, there are twelve gold buttons, each having a Chinese symbol.

From the sides that can be seen and translated so far, each button appears to list an animal from the Chinese zodiac, like rat, tiger, and monkey.

She'll also start avoiding Adrien out of fear he's with his Dad.

She'll assume that's the reason Adrien has never been Akumatized.

If you freeze the opening at just the right moment you see the pink kwami heading towards something that looks She'll be so conflicted about her crush's father being the villain.

Afraid of Adrien's reaction, she won't tell Cat Noir and Master Fu.

Based on the two known Kwamis being themed around luck, it would make sense that the others may be as well.

Combine that with the Kwami's green color, and the four-leaf clover comes to mind as a possibility.

He knows that where Chloé Bourgeois goes, misery will soon follow (and, since she's the mayor's daughter, this will not change in the near future), so the easiest way to find victims is for him to keep tabs on Chloé and then send akumas to the people she tears down.

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