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Just don't expect to get a steak or even a burger at 2 a.m.

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We know it looks like kookiness incarnate (as no self-respecting architect would design a giant pink glass dome with a five-acre theme park beneath it), but The Adventuredome is loads of fun and full of thrills for all ages with more than 20 rides.

As you might expect from something called the Manor Motor Lodge, the rooms are the cheapest, but also the smallest, least modern and least convenient.

While the resort is really kid-friendly, the selection of pools (just two) is not.

They are not particularly big and only accessible from the Skyrise Tower, which is a long way from the casino.

With so many different forms of amusement, we guarantee the last thing you'll ever hear at Circus Circus Hotel, Casino & Theme Park is that all-too-familiar chorus of "We're bored. "Who doesn't want to spend a small fortune trying to win a giant stuffed Minion, Scooby Doo or whatever character your child is into?

Just kidding..can assure you that you'll have a blast squirting water guns, shooting basketballs and throwing rings at the more than 200 carnival games in Circus Circus' classic midway.

For a better location, consider the still small yet very affordable rooms in the Skyrise Tower.

They're perfect if you've got a group of kids in tow because they're close to both The Adventuredome and the resort's pools.

Discover a wide selection of sophisticated restaurants and bars and, beyond the simple relaxation afforded by the sand and sea, an infinite choice of activities and sports such as spa or diving.

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