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"Sit down with me," Rachel said, gesturing at the other end of the sofa from me with her glass.

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The long days drawing out into unenthusiastic visions of my future played out on the chipped plasterboard of my bedroom ceiling.

The sense of creeping worthlessness still gripped strongly when I thought back to earlier life and I pushed the thought away.

I had afforded myself that much at the very least, as long as I was careful to retain control.

Rachel stalked casually through the archway, into the sitting area where three long sofas sat in a U shape, facing out through the tall windows onto the orange and white starry city far below.

"People are sometimes nervous at first, why don't we get to know each other a little better? The sweet tang of the champagne was quickly making my senses swim.

Let's play a game, we'll ask each other questions and we have to take a drink after each answer." I hesitated. I could smell her perfume, something floral and intoxicating, from across the sofa and I occasionally found my eyes drifting from her face to her flawless body, legs curled underneath her on the sofa. When she gestured for me to go on, I let go of my concerns.Slightly smiling, she clinked her glass against mine and took it and the bottle over to the sofa where she sat down and crossed her long smooth legs.The blue dress rode up a few more inches against her endless, slim legs and I felt a twinge of arousal.Please carry on leaving feedback, it really is appreciated!** The card reader clicked loudly, blinking it's green light in approval at my card and I pushed open the door.Her voice was soft and low, a comforting sound and very sweet which made her seem all the more attractive.

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