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A 49-year-old woman who was considered to be missing and endangered has been found safe, according to local authorities.The Clay County Sheriff's Office announced Saturday morning that Adam Bland had been arrested in connection with the missing person and charged with domestic battery and grand theft.The benefit of living in an assisted living community is that making meals can be costly and time consuming process so Tammy & Marty's Cozy Adult Home provides meals for residents.

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She is a part of our family so the kids will call for her on the weekends, when she is “off,” not understanding that she isn’t working but if home she is always willing to play! Tami: Every Sunday evening I look at our schedule for the week (work schedule, nights out and kids schedule), talk to my husband about anything that is not in the calendar and put together a spreadsheet that calculates the 45 hour au pair week.

It helps me and my family stay organized and with three kids helps each person to know where we have to be when!

Plus, our weeks are never the same and the flexibility of the program fits our family’s needs.

We have some nights we have to work or have events and weekend nights we go out on dates.

The Conway family opened up and shared their experiences as a host family through Cultural Care Au Pair.

In part two of the post, their au pair Nandy Barajas will share her thoughts on their time together.

I can take my youngest to work with me and have help from 12-8 pm if I need it or days I need help in the mornings/afternoons I can have an au pair work from 7-5 pm. We looked into having a nanny and it was twice the price of an au pair.

We paid around ,000 up front and spend 0 a week on 45 hours!

Eventually everyone got adjusted and got along great.

Then we met our second au pair and life just changed!

Similar to a nanny, our au pair does the kids’ laundry, makes lunches, gets dinner ready, take the kids to activities, etc. Tami: I am very set in my ways and I was nervous about having another person in my house.

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