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Those who do discuss the textual differences tend to repeat superficial arguments in favor of the MT.

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We will propose a framework for textual reconstruction and outline a chronology primarily based on the LXX’s begetting ages from Adam to Abraham. Proposing a comprehensive theory to explain the wholesale and deliberate alteration of the chronological texts. In a rare moment of unanimous agreement, there is actually a scholarly consensus that the begetting ages have been purposefully inflated or deflated to change the overall chronological calculations.

There are two main hypotheses that have been presented in the academic literature: it was either the Alexandrian Jews who translated the LXX Pentateuch in Egypt in 281 BC (the LXX “inflation” hypothesis), or the second century AD rabbis in Israel.

My problem is this: I believe in the inerrancy of the original manuscripts, but that implies that we essentially have the original manuscripts, apart from minor variations that don’t affect meaning.

I have always believed, as do most, that the Masoretic Text is essentially that manuscript for the O. The Septuagint is not an original manuscript, but a translation from the Hebrew, but with significant variation from all known Hebrew texts, as I understand.

We encourage you to read "Primeval Chronology Restored" and "Who Was Born When Enosh was 90?

" to understand why it cannot be the Alexandrian translators, and why the rabbis had strong motive, unique means, and rare opportunity to deliberately reduce the primeval chronology on the order of 1250 years.

Green of Princeton, “Primeval Chronology,” whose non-chronological interpretation eventually ascended to a position of primacy in conservative OT scholarship.

Since then, evangelical OT scholars have primarily followed Green’s arguments and have interpreted archaeological discoveries dated prior to Abraham with the assumption that Genesis 5 and 11 do not yield a chronology of pre-Abrahamic history (i.e. This is particularly the case for the post-Flood epoch from Shem to Abraham.

" challenge this assumption, proposing that the Septuagint preserves (most of) the original numbers given to Moses in Genesis 5 and 11.

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