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In the Fish World Community Facebook group, several members posted about the loss of their friend.“Even though we only talked online, through chat and emails, we were friends,” wrote Rhonda Lord Worley of Shani. I will miss our talks, and there will always be an emptiness now that you are no longer online.”Bentley noted that Robert built a barn on his property in Floresville, almost single-handedly, and helped others in his community with handyman jobs.Under his Sound Cloud moniker “Bobstradamous,” he posted recordings of his music — both folk and Christian.Her father’s death also helped Krueger realize her calling, a desire to become a neonatal intensive care nurse one day.

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She was at the church services when the shooting started.

Her siblings were ill and could not attend, so she went to church by herself.

Carlin Brite “Billy Bob” includes Crystal’s pick for a girl or a boy, as well as the nicknames the other children had come up with, he wrote.

It was not unusual for Bryan to stand in for the pastor at a service.

In recent years, Bruce Braden said, his brother had battled cancer and lost a lot of weight and hair from chemotherapy.

Even so, “he was hoping to have a nice number of years left to live with his family,” Bruce Braden told the Star.

Robert also played guitar in at First Baptist Church.“He was just so humble.

He used to laugh and say, ‘They used to call me a Renaissance man when I was in the military.’ ” Bentley said it was true.

John Bryan Holcombe, whom everyone called Bryan, was standing in for the pastor on Sunday.

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