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I hand her one of her favorite toys, a big rubber cock.

She introduces it deep inside her gushing snatch, fucking herself with it while I watch her.

I’m so fucking turned on, I don’t even pull out when and ready to cum, shooting my creamy jizz inside her pussy.

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Since I know she’s going to be sucking and fucking lots of cock once she’s there, I decided to sexually prepare her.

Hey, if this slut is going to let anybody on campus fuck her, at least I’m going to be on the front of the line! She gets on her knees, a position she’s going to get used to and be in a lot once she’s in college, and starts sucking and stroking on my big fat cock.

Yeah, she may be my stepdaughter, but she sucks cock like a whore! She’s drooling all over my member, looking into my eyes and moaning with utter satisfaction.

The slut even takes some notes while she’s eating my cock, so fucking sexy.

She has her tits popped over her leotard, her pierced nipples fully erect as she takes my hard cock deep inside of her.

I make her turn over and get down on her hands and knees, her sexy ass and that puckered little asshole looks so sexy while I’m fucking her doggie style from behind, filling her pussy with cock meat.She looks over her shoulder while I’m fucking her from behind, spreading her butt cheeks with her hands so I can go deep inside her.I grab her meaty ass with my hands, pounding her as hard, as fast and as deep as I can.I’m looking at my sexy naked step daughter and my dick is harder than it ever have been in my life. I produce so much cum in her mouth that I hope she won’t choke on it all.She has never tasted sperm but she has to get used to it.YOUNG GIRLS SACRIFICING THEIR VIRGIN PUSSIES FOR A SWEET TASTE OF PAPAS PECKER: A couple of days later, “Can you fuck me once more before I go so I’m ready???

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