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I grabbed a beer as I headed out the back door to join my daughter and... Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,013 | Tags: cheating holiday sex oral sex straight sex threesomes dvp breeding | 4 Comments Dora loves it when my fingers massage her all over and in her bum Unlike the other tenants in Norton Towers, Dora dressed smart but demurely.

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"The chicken was delicious." "It was no problem, Mama," Tonya said.

"Yes," I said waving at each of the ladies that crossed the line.... Most of my stories are true, this one will surely happen soon.

In her defence, she did not talk during the film; that bad habit...

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I guess she was around sixty-five, buxom and good looking with great legs.

On Tuesday last week, she asked me if I could find her help her with a ‘delicate’ situation.

I had made a couple of cold ham and cheese sandwiches, four hard-boiled eggs and a big thermos...

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I covered her with a blanket and turned the noise box off. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Words: 3,235 | Tags: mature security guard cunninlingus "daddy" | 17 Comments The last night of my holiday in Tenerife fulfils Claire's quest for DVP, and more... And I was still lined up for a DP session with my hosts, Dave and Claire.

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