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Cape is publishing a new book, Under the Sun – The Letters of Bruce Chatwin.Elizabeth is co-editor along with Nicholas Shakespeare, the author of Chatwin's 1999 biography.Shakespeare knew Bruce towards the end of his life and was himself a recipient of a few Chatwin letters, the last of which is dated December 1988 and sent from Seillans, near Cannes.

Chatwin thought it Jamesian and intended to write an epic saga inspired by it.

She is a descendant, on her father's side, of John Jacob Astor, the first multi-millionaire in America, and she was brought up in a big family home in Geneseo, a place Chatwin describes in one letter as 'the back of beyond in New York State, near the Canadian border'.

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Chatwin met Elizabeth Chanler, who was working on the front desk there, in 1961.

They married in 1965; he was 25, she was two years older. She is petite with olive skin and short black-and-grey curls, which must once have been very black curls. She is wearing a fresh, blue Indian cotton shirt and chinos, and she is smoking an Indian bidi, a tiny, rolled, taupe-coloured leaf, filled with tobacco flake and tied up with cotton.

'Bruce hated the English climate in winter,' she says, 'and so do I.

And that is how I get my bidis.' Elizabeth – Lib, as her family call her – came from a rather refined and well-to-do background.

The Chanlers had eight children and Elizabeth was, according to her mother, 'difficult, precocious, with a good mind'.

She went to school in Massachusetts, rode to hounds and had an ambition to be a vet.

Elizabeth Chatwin's wooden house sits on a plateau in Oxfordshire, and in the fields around it graze her Black Welsh Mountain sheep.

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