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possible, this open source electronic record makes an earnest effort to compile accurate information on Eido Shimano.

Please continue, and encourage others, to submit documents we can archive.

These files are slowly being processed and cataloged by the staff of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa Library.

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Information about Shimano’s career as a monk and (later) as an Abbot of the Zen Studies Society has been limited, and much of the general public’s impression of him has come from auto-hagiographical publications by Shimano (This archive contains material dating from 1964 to the present – material that offers a contrast to the earlier and more widely available self-aggrandizements and self-congratulations produced by the now disgraced Shimano.

Not only does the archive depict a sexually abusive man, it also depicts a man of little or no conscience – a man far from worthy of the rank and approbation he has found in the world of Zen Buddhism.

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An examination of the archive reveals that Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道)was made aware of what is not acceptable for a clergyman in terms of sexual and ethical conduct very soon after his arrival in America.

Irrespective of his individual transgressions, Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) has, for half a century, stubbornly refused to honor American ethical mandates and has repeatedly caused great damage to the American Rinzai Zen Sangha.

Subsequently, many more documents have been added to the collection.

Malone’s additions now exceed the volume of the original Aitken-Shimano archive.

Further documents may be posted as they become available. That November, I entered a hospital, where I spent a difficult half year.” “When I was discharged, I went back to Ryutaku Ji.

Soen Roshi and I discussed the proposal to go to Hawaii. There no longer seemed to be any point in doing so.

These documents were a part of the Aitken Archives in the University of Hawai'i and have been authenticated by University archivist Lynn Ann Davis.

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